Shevchenko in AR


Goal: Creation of logo, branding elements, augmented reality and wall art.

The aim of this project was the creation of THE FIRST IN UKRAINE educational center for youth and teenagers in the most interesting and unique way. The idea was to make not ordinary museum, but something conceptually new in the town and in the country in general. The well-thought animation was applied in the app with augmented reality. This will help visitors not only to see the Ukrainian culture from inside, but also, with the help of this program it will be interesting to know the history of Shevchenko’s experience in Brovary city. The concept of the logo design was created in double meaning to show the belonging to the cultural and educational center in the honor of this great Ukrainian poet and writer. It was important thing to show visitors of any age that education process can be interesting and exciting, that it can bring useful information with help of modern technologies.

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